Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hand Percussion for the Holidays?

I've noticed a trend the past few days in the shop, and it has to do with, strangely enough, hand percussion.

It seems, to me, that hand percussion is the gift for drummer's when a sibling, parent, significant other, or close friend wants to pick something up that isn't going to break the bank, but will still be used by the drummer close to their heart.

I've lost count of how many times, in the past two weeks I've heard "I don't play music but my brother plays drums, he's away at college so I thought I'd get him some bongos."

Now don't get me wrong, Bongo drums can be awesome, but the way people freak out when they see all the hand percussion stuff that is available AND affordable it's unbelievable.

I myself have been a strick "DRUM KIT" player since I was young, but seeing some of the Cajons and Bongo Cajons that a few companies are making have really prompted me to look into picking up some alternate percussion items. If not for using in my set, just for having around the house! THESE THINGS LOOK LIKE FURNITURE!

I've pictured two Djembes, a set of the Meinl Headliner Bongo drums, and a Meinl Cajon. (The Cajon looks like the rectangular stool). Prices vary on this stuff but the point is, it's all portable, it's all percussion, it can be played on it's own, with a set, in a recording setting, wherever, even just on the front porch.

This stuff is so light weight you can take it camping, it's awesome for kids and adults.

You can see a full range of hand percussion equipment on Meinl Site .

The world of percussion is so vast and goes so far beyond what you see in Green Day videos, nothing aginst Green Day, it's just so amazing. All the time I thought guitar players had it good with all of their effects pedals, but by far, hand percussion options outweigh distortion pedal variations, and none of the hand percussion requires batteries or electricity!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Teacher Profile: Richard Matteson

Richard Matteson has been teaching with us at the Louisville Mom's location for a good stretch of time now and every time I'm reminded of his accomplishments I kick myself for not having done a teacher profile on him yet!

There are so many cool things about Richard that you wouldn't begin to assume based on his incredibly modest personality... where to start? I mean, the guy has recorded cds, headed up guitar societies, taught at the university level, written books that have been published by Mel Bay, he's taught private students, played in bands, led church groups, he's done just about everything short of a Black Sabbath tribute band, but we've got another teacher here who has done that!

The basics about Richard are that he can teach just about anything, song writing, vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, beginning fiddle, mandolin, bass, and the majority of every instrument involved in bluegrass! He can also teach you to read music!

Basics aside Richard has written or has had a part in writing at least 10 books that have been published by Mel Bay including...

Right-Handed Arpeggio Forms For Acoustic Guitar
Scales And Modes for Guitar
Bluegrass Pickers Tune Book (213 songs!)

For you sticklers for higher education Richard taught at Winston-Salem State and worked at Salem College teaching with their guitar programs.


Matteson has recorded 4 CD's of fingerstyle arrangements for solo guitar for Mel Bay Publications. He also has solo guitar recordings of three ragtime (Scott Joplin) tunes. In 1996 Matteson performed his ragtime piece, Tar-Heel Rag at half-time of the UNC basketball game in Smith Center before 14,000 fans. A solo recording of the Tar-Heel Rag is also available.

He has several other ensemble recordings available besides the 2 CD's with Bluegrass Messengers. A recording is available of Matteson's original works for guitar and string quartet was done at Salem College at a concert in the Piedmont Classic Guitar Society Fall series. A recording of Matteson's 1992 performance of three pieces for guitar, harmonica, and cello at the Chet Atkins concert in Reynolds Auditorium is available." (from the Bluegrass Messengers site)

What can this guy NOT do? Oh yeah I forgot something, he's also an accomphished painter!

He is available for lessons every day except for Sunday! He can even accomodate lunch break lessons for adults!

Oh Snap! Mom's 28th Anniversary Celebration!

Gosh, 28 years already?!?! The week of November 16th (Monday through Saturday) we'll be having a Customer Appreciation celebration at both of our locations! Also, in other big news, we're advertising in the L.E.O these days, these has been a long time coming and due to James Hewitt and his neverending polite persistence we'll have our first full page ad in the best free culture rag in town! This is a development I'm super excited about as I've been picking up the L.E.O ever since I was a young pup religiously visiting Ear-X-Tacy on the weekends to spend my saved up lunch money on 7"s!

There is a lot going on next week, one thing in particular that I think those of you reading this blog should take advantage of is that several of our instructors are going to be offering FREE 20 minute TRIAL LESSONS through out the week. You'll need to call me to get scheduled but if you've been holding off on finding the perfect teacher to help you jump start where you're playing has plateaued... this is the perfect opportunity to check out some teachers without making a commitment until you find the perfect fit!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

De-Tour at the Oldham County YMCA

If you're a member of the Oldham County YMCA and you are going to hanging out at the Teen Field Party this Wednesday, November 11th you're in for an overwhelming teenage sonic treat.... DE-TOUR will be playing a set during the party!

Check 'em out on the My Space!

If you dig what you hear, give me a ring and if you're not already, we can get you fixed up with a band and get you rockin' in no time!

KY Film & Music Fest!

It's been a while since I've updated. I keep telling myself that I am going to put some sort of information in here at least once a week, it's not that we don't have anything going on here at the shop, I just find it difficult to create the time to sit and type something out. I'll promise, once again, to be more active in the blog. You guys and gals have got to hold me too it!

An amazingly cool event is going on thi Saturday here in Louisville Kentucky. Actually, a number of awesome events are ALWAYS going on in Louisville, and you folks know that!

However, this post is going to focus on the Kentucky Film & Music Fest that's going on at the Clifton Center. This is poised to be a yearly event that can only get bigger and more interesting.

Basically you can go to the Clifton Center on November 14th, and depending on which aspects of the festival you wish to participate in tickets will be $12, $14, or $25 flat.

There are several bands playing;
The Abe Lincoln Effect
Amazon Pilot
Lotus Blake
and a not to missed performance by The Louisville Dulcimer Society

For you budding film critics and lovers of all things not mainstream film you'll find pieces screened by:
Elvis Wilson
Mimi Pickering
Walter Brock
Dewane Rudd
Joe Grey
and Sean Anderson

For those of you interested in PLAYING MUSIC, even if you have ZERO experience you'll find workshops and hands on from private instructors from Mom's Music
-Karsten Nelson (Rock School coach and private instructor) holding a guitar clinic

-Richard Matteson (private instructor) holding a beginning harmonic clinic limited to 12 folks, totally free, and you'll receive a new untainted harmonica to use and take with you!

-Jyn Yates (private drum instructor) will be holding a hand percussion jam session. Bring a drum or a shaker or something to beat on, but we'll have some stuff there as well! ALL AGES WILL LOVE THIS!

In the afternoon there will be live taping for NPR of the ever enjoyable Kentucky Homefront!

Check out more information at

Did I mention there will be food? Oh yeah. Crave Cafe, BBC, Heine Brothers.

Plus, I'll be there, what better reason to attend do you need? ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Mom's Music stickers!!!!

I picked up the new stickers from Monkey Drive today! Be sure to come by the Rock School concert on October 4th and pick some up! They are free!!!!! Put them on your car, your bike, your guitar case, your skateboard, your school locker, your Science teacher... okay, maybe not the Science teacher!

We've got small Mom's Music stickers for the faint of heart when it comes to sticky things and we've got some big Rock School stickers so your parents can profess loud and proud MY CHILD IS A ROCK STAR AT MOM'S MUSIC SCHOOL OF MUSIC! (This applies to private lesson students as well, we didn't leave you guys and gals out!)

Rock School Finale This Sunday!

That's right, it's that time again, and the weather is more than perfect! Rock School Session Finale at 4th Street Live/Hard Rock Cafe is amazingly beautiful downtown Louisville Kentucky.
This event starts at 1 and will end at 6pm, completely free and family friendly!

Come out and check out the private student recitals on the side stage starting at 1pm, Rock School bands on the 4th Street Stage starting at 2pm, and Performance and Weekend Warrior bands inside Hard Rock Cafe at 1pm!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Once again, mark your calenders!

I've gotten confirmation that there will be ACTUAL CYMBAL MAKING at this event. The Vault Tour is something you should not miss based on the artistry of cymbal making alone!

Brought to you by Sabian, Kaman Music, and the always amazing coffee drinking Rob Arnold!

Come one come all (this means you to guitar players!)

All ages!

Make it happen!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't Forget the last day of the Mellwood Art Fair!

The Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center has their Fair this weekend. Today is the last day of the fair! It's free so get down there, ride a bike if you can because parking is going to be crazy!

There will be bands playing until around 5:15 and more artists than you can shake a stick at.

And to be honest, you probably shouldn't be shaking sticks at people. ;)

" We are very excited to present the 1 st annual September Art Fair @ Mellwood, September 12 & 13, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This will be one of the largest high quality fine arts and craft shows in Louisville. We will offer 300 indoor, sheltered and outside artist spaces. Our show will also feature culinary arts, wine tasting, live entertainment, children’s art/craft area and “Gallery Row” – the best of Louisville’s gallery scene. We will have five charity booths for the Ursuline sisters in our indoor space so they may carry on their fine work helping those in need."

Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center is conveniently located to highways I-64, I-65, I-71 and minutes from Brownsboro Road and downtown. We have 3 large parking lots on the premises for our artists and patrons!

Please call 502.895.3650 or email for more information.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

De-Tour playing the Oldham County Backyard Festival!

There is so much going on this weekend on the 12th and 13th!
One of our Performance bands, De-Tour is going to be playing the Oldham County Backyard Barbecue & Craft Festival in Crestwood!

This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! Great for all ages, strollers welcome!

The South Oldham Lions Club is putting this on and admission is TOTALLY FREE!

September 12th, from 10am to pm on The Maples Property on Hwy 22, just down from the Dairy Queen in Crestwood.

It's a park like setting, bands, cornhole tournaments, BBQ contect, grill give-a-way, arts and crafts, Hog Operation will be rockin' out their brand of Bluegrass music, pie contests, face painting and bouncies for the youngin's or the young at heart!

For more information call Kim Buckler at 502.243.9553
Or check out