Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chris Adler, Lamb Of God, meet n' greet May 5th!

If you're a fan of metal, a fan of Lamb Of God, a fan of Chris Adler, a fan of good solid drumming, or just a fan of music, or if you don't already have something planned you should stop by the Louisville shop and meet Chris Adler, the drummer of Lamb of God!

From the L.O.G site...

"15 years ago, Lamb of God began their ascent to the forefront of modern heavy metal. A self-described "pure American metal" quintet from Richmond, VA, took deliberate steps, paid the dues and withstood the knocks as an underground, un-commercial metal act. Beloved by a rabid, grass roots cult of underground thrash fanatics thanks to brutal and technical albums like 2000's New American Gospel and 2003's As the Palaces Burn, the band toured North America relentlessly and began their international career overseas in support of the latter. Entering 2004, 10 years after inception, the band had risen to the top of the independent metal scene. Their uncommon work ethic, uncompromising musicianship and intellectual lyrics set them apart - and into un-chartered territory."

They've got a new album out, Wrath, on Epic, which hit the streets a little earlier in the year. They are on tour now, as well as doing in store appearances, through May.

Check out the band site here;

Check out Chris Adlers drumming and his clinic style..

The clinic is on May 5th from 5pm to 6pm

Moms Music
1900 Mellwood Avenue Louisville Kentucky 40206

All the drum students, regardless of the style they are learning, should make an effort to attend if not for anything but to be exposed to other styles of music.

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