Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What do you have going on Saturday?

If you don't have plans for Saturday, during the day, please consider taking a trip out to E.P Tom Sawyer Park here in Kentucky.
Saturday, May 9th is opening day for the 2009 BMX track season out at the park and Ken Fox and the folks at Derby City BMX has ensured an amazing time for all, for absolutely no cost! Hard to believe right? Well, don't argue with a good thing because it might cost you a couple of bucks in gas but just click on the flier in this post to see all the awesome stuff that's going, as well, FREE FOOD! Now that is an awesome way to spend a Saturday, watching BMX, hearing one of Mom's Weekend Warrior bands, eating free food and getting that much needed Vitamin D from ol' Mr. Sun. All in a family friendly environment!\

Plus, you'll still have your late evening and night free for any number of activities.

Rose Island is a Mom's Music Weekend Warrior band consisting of a mix of ages, the players are anywhere from just out of high school to around 40 years old. They play a great mix of music that will right in for this event, My Chemical Romance, The Donnas, The Foo Fighters, and Ted Leo And the Pharmacists just to name a few!

We'll see ya there!

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