Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KY Film & Music Fest!

It's been a while since I've updated. I keep telling myself that I am going to put some sort of information in here at least once a week, it's not that we don't have anything going on here at the shop, I just find it difficult to create the time to sit and type something out. I'll promise, once again, to be more active in the blog. You guys and gals have got to hold me too it!

An amazingly cool event is going on thi Saturday here in Louisville Kentucky. Actually, a number of awesome events are ALWAYS going on in Louisville, and you folks know that!

However, this post is going to focus on the Kentucky Film & Music Fest that's going on at the Clifton Center. This is poised to be a yearly event that can only get bigger and more interesting.

Basically you can go to the Clifton Center on November 14th, and depending on which aspects of the festival you wish to participate in tickets will be $12, $14, or $25 flat.

There are several bands playing;
The Abe Lincoln Effect
Amazon Pilot
Lotus Blake
and a not to missed performance by The Louisville Dulcimer Society

For you budding film critics and lovers of all things not mainstream film you'll find pieces screened by:
Elvis Wilson
Mimi Pickering
Walter Brock
Dewane Rudd
Joe Grey
and Sean Anderson

For those of you interested in PLAYING MUSIC, even if you have ZERO experience you'll find workshops and hands on from private instructors from Mom's Music
-Karsten Nelson (Rock School coach and private instructor) holding a guitar clinic

-Richard Matteson (private instructor) holding a beginning harmonic clinic limited to 12 folks, totally free, and you'll receive a new untainted harmonica to use and take with you!

-Jyn Yates (private drum instructor) will be holding a hand percussion jam session. Bring a drum or a shaker or something to beat on, but we'll have some stuff there as well! ALL AGES WILL LOVE THIS!

In the afternoon there will be live taping for NPR of the ever enjoyable Kentucky Homefront!

Check out more information at cliftoncenter.org/music

Did I mention there will be food? Oh yeah. Crave Cafe, BBC, Heine Brothers.

Plus, I'll be there, what better reason to attend do you need? ;)

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