Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Christmas is coming up. I know the economy seems like it's a wreck but we all know that playing music, listening to music, or just THINKING about music can make all those bad feelings of economic instability melt away like so much butter on a baked 'tater. ummmm, or something to that effect.

Moms, both locations, offers layaway ya know? That's one of the terrible things about working here, day in, day out, you see all this stuff you "need" and it's so easy to put something on layaway, just 20% down, and in 90 days (or less if you are impatient and find a bundle of money) you've got your new drum kit! (or guitar, or keyboard, or amp, or what have you...)

Getting new gear... it's terrible I tell ya. Terrible. haha

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