Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Teacher file Steven O'Reilly

What can I say about Steven? Well, a lot... a lot actually. I picked Steven to write about first because he's one of our newest drum teachers at Mom's Music and he's quickly gained popularity with students, parents, and his co-workers.

Steven's handwriting is perfect. Literally, the guy is a walking type writer.

When I first met Steven he was wearing all white, now that I know him well it's not just his perfect handwriting that impresses me but also the fact that with as many sugar-laden coffee drinks that I've seen him sipping, he can still wear an all white track suit and not have a drop of coffee on his clothes. Impressive.

On to the drumming....

Steven WAS a self taught drummer, when he got a little older he came to the realization that he was missing out on a lot by not being able to read music. He was living in Atlanta at the time and he applied to the Atlanta Institute of Music to obtain the missing pieces to his musical abilities.
He obtained them and then some, graduating on time with a 4.0 as well as becoming a music teacher!

He taught in Atlanta and migrated to Louisville for the opportunity to play music in a specific band and he was hired at Mom's to teach the drum kit to young and old(er) Louisvillians and Southern Indiana folk alike.

Although Steven is over the big 3-0 his energy levels can surpass those of even the most hyperactive 7 year old on Jolt Cola!

His lessons have a strong focus on the "groove" while playing, and playing the drums in a musical way instead of just banging away on the heads. He's a big advocate of time keeping and reading sheet music.

Steven is an aggressive drummer, big on the stick twirling and other forms of "visual drumming"/being an entertainer as well as a musician. He's the perfect teacher for the self taught drummer of ANY AGE that wants to unlearn bad habits, or get a late start on reading music, rudiments, drumming fundamentals, and methods to help increase your speed and accuracy.

As well, total beginners enjoy lessons with Steven based on his personality and his ability to give instructions in a clear, concise language to help his students fully understand the "talk" used in method books, by drum teachers, and other drummers.

Oh yeah, he's also got a DVD out featuring his "visual drumming" techniques.

You can catch him playing around town with Heaven Hill, and filling in on various shows with other artists.

ODD FACT: He's obsessed with shoes.

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