Monday, May 4, 2009

Do you wanna learn to run sound for your band?

Most of the folks that come into Mom's are pretty familiar with Max Maxwell, he's the man of many hair cuts, he collects shoes, and drives an incredibly bright yellow XTerra.

What you might not know however is that he's running a live sound class here at Mom's Music on Mellwood Avenue.

Anyone that is in Rock School, Performance Band, or is in a band that is not involved in Mom's Music programs can benefit greatly from learning how to run sound. Just imagine, one day you're "the guitar player" and the next your "the guitarist that is amazing at running sound!". Knowing how to tweek a sound board and place microphones during live performances or a studio session is more valuable than you could probably imagine. You'll regret not having this knowledge if you're ever in a situation where the sound person at the venue you're playing has no idea how to mic your bassists custom cabinet at it's "sweet spot".

As well, being familiar with sound equipment and knowing how to run sound in live situations can also bring you extra income as a full time job or a side job, or perhaps you'd like to go on tour with a friends band as their "sound engineer".

Regardless of why you want to learn, everyone that plays music can benefit from learning. Here's the scoop on the classes.

It's a four week program.
Classes will meet on May 12, 14, 29, 21st.
Cost of the program is $250.
Classes will take place at the Mom's Music Recording Studio at the Louisville Store.
You'll need to pay in full before the first class, which is May 12th.

If you're interested in taking the class, or signing up for a future session you can e mail or

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