Monday, May 4, 2009

Mom's Music Mothers Day Giveaway

Mother's Day is coming up fast on the heels of all the students and employees of Mom's Music.
If you have a mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, or wife in your life and you're also a private music or RockSchool student here at Mom's on Mellwood you should def. try to get that special lady in your life something sweet!

You might ask "But how can I get her something if I just bought this sweet axe with my cash?!?!"

Sounds like you're in a tight spot but we've got a solution for you.

Come into the store and at the front counter or the cafe you can grab one of our "My Mom Rocks Because......." forms, fill it out, hand it to an employee and not only will your entry be displayed in the store for all the world to know exactly why your Mom (or other lady in your life) Rocks, but there will be a drawing after Mother's Day for some great prizes like guitar lessons, coffee mugs, Jammin' Johns, Clifton's Pizza, Kelly Cartright Designs, Bennie's Salon, and the Mom's Cafe!

It doesn't matter if you win your mom a prize, although she'd probably let you stay up late if you did, but she'll just be stoked to see your love for her posted on our walls for everyone to see!

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