Saturday, May 2, 2009


I realize that all that satellite radio is all the rage but you just can't beat listening to the voice of a local Louisvillian over the air waves and hearing music that the majority of the population will hear long after you. Face it, being on the edge of hip and knowing about all the cool bands before they're cool is a great feeling.

If you want that feeling and you want to support local businesses you need to tune your dial at home and in your car to 91.9FM WFPK radio Louisville. You can even stream to your computer at work. SHHHH, don't tell the boss! ;) No worries though because you're not going to hear any of those on the edge of offensive morning shows, over the top political commentary, or commercials for laser hair removal. You'll hear some great music, and you'll find out about a lot of local concerts from a variety of genres as well as getting weather and some traffic.

If you're familiar with Waterfront Wednesdays, or Live Lunch, you're probably already listening!

Get in the know about your city.... get your ears tuned to WFPK Radio Louisville!

An added bonus is that if you go there now, seriously, just go there NOW, you can enter to win tickets to Bonnaroo!

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