Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teacher Profile: Jyn Yates

Jyn Yates is a drummer, she is energetic, she is loud, she is purpetually excited about life. This is why I love Jyn and why her students are so excited to come to their lessons. How could a student be bored with drums or be bummed out during their lesson when their teacher is so excited?

She's definitely a woman with style, basically Jyn is all style and smiles! And her drumming................... WOW! Miss Yates has run the gamut from being a learner and becoming a teacher but she will be the first to admit that even as a teacher she is still learning new things when it comes to drums, both kit and hand percussion.

Jyn started playing drums at age three and was born into a musical family as her father plays drums. (Ask her about her vintage drum collection!) She is currently doing hand percussion for various groups, playing covers, and playing with her original bands, The Confessional and OK Zombie!

She's been at Mom's for years and has never lost her enthusiasm for teaching and meeting new people. Every day that she comes in for her students she stuns folks with her methods of teaching, young people that were frustrated at the fact that they could not grasp reading drum notation found that, with Jyn, reading music was just as easy as remembering the phrase "Ham-burger-fries-and-coke". Jyn has some unconventional methods in some other teachers eyes but every time I walk past her studio I see nothing but smiles from both her and her student!

If you're a current drummer looking to learn the rudiments, or to learn reading, Jyn is your teacher. Looking to learn double bass drumming, once again, Jyn. Do you want to take your rock drumming in a more of a jazzy direction, do I even need to say it........ JYN YATES!

Jyn worked in radio for a good deal of time while she was teaching but is now teaching drums full time and loving it! Recently she was interviewed on 91.9FM WFPK for their "Off The Record" pieces.

Check out her interview and her song selections at the 91.9FM WFPK site!

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