Thursday, July 30, 2009


We're gearing up for the next 8 week session of Rock School here at Mom's Music, on both sides of the river!

Performance Bands are continuing their rehearsals and we're working on some end of summer, fall weather performances for them before the snow starts to call and everyone buckles back down for school.

If your Rock School band is going to return for another session make sure you re-up via the application! Or you can just ring Ella at the shop or shoot her an e mail at!

If you would like to sign up for your first enlistment here are the cold hard facts about life in Rock School!

Rock School is for all ages up to 18. (If you are over 18 don't fret, we have a seperate, but similar, program for you called Weekend Warriors!) If you are under 18 and would like to be in a band, can get your hands on a guitar/bass/drum sticks, then you can join up!
You'll be grouped with folks around your age that are into the same kind of music and have a similar level of proficiency as you.
You'll be matched with a coach based on your bands proficiency and the times you have open to practice.
Your band will have their first rehearsal on the scheduled day (Monday-Saturday) during the week beginning August 10th 2009!
We're flexible on practice times but once it's established that's what the band sticks to so you can plan your life accordingly! We make it easy! Band rehearsals are usually an hour and a half once a week.
The band will learn a handful of their favorite songs, most bands are doing 2-4 songs each session.
At the end of the 8 weeks after you've got your songs, your band name, and your awesome band you'll play the finale concert in front of friends, family, all the other bands, and even strangers that have just come out to rock!
We've been having a lot of our concerts at 4th Street Live, Hard Rock Cafe and Pheonix Hill in the highlands!

Once you've done Rock School for one session you'll have a two week break and if your band stays together you guys can come back for a second session, work up a longer set list, get tighter, and eventually audition for Performance Band status, which means you'll rock out on more songs, be more of a cohesive unit, and you'll be playing out a lot more and eventuallyrecording and working on originals if that's in agreement with the band!

What do you have to lose? How cool would it be to start school this year being able to say that what you did this past summer was JOIN A ROCK N' ROLL BAND?!?!?!?

You can fill out the Rock School application at WWW.MOMSMUSIC.COM
This does not obligate you to participate but ensures that we know you are interested and we will contact you for further details and to see where we can fit you into a rockin' band!

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