Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 26th Rock School Concert

The July 26th Finale Concert for our Education Program went really well! We were able to work in some student recitals with one of our private instructors, Sheila O'Bannon! This was a treat for the private students and gave the crowd a little break as far as volume goes.

We had Rock School outside on the big stage at 4th Street Live and we had Performance Bands and Weekend Warriors inside on the cozy stage in Hard Rock Cafe!

In attendance we also had the Census Bureau holding down the fort with an information table and lots of free goodies, across the way from them we had the Derby City Roller Girls in full effect! Malice was so kind as to be our guest MC for the concert! Thanks a lot for coming out and setting up shop folks! We hope to add more booths and information tables from local groups and businesses in the future, so if you're interested or you have an idea please let me know!

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