Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peace, Love, and Drums clinic!

The "Peace, Love, And Drums" show encompasses various genres of drumming, jazz, funk/fusion, rock as well as vocal stylings. The show is performed live on stage with pre-recorded music tracks and is usually presented in either concert format or a clinic format that allows time for audience participation and questions! Folks are allowed to ask pretty much anything from questions about her drumming technique to experiences growing up playing music, and what it's like to be a female in the music industry playing an instrument typically played by men.

The show is for anyone interested in music, not just for drummers. Youngsteres are encouraged to attend as well as older folk. Hannahs main theme is the importance of music in our world today, especially in the lives of young people. Taking both an educational and entertaining approach, Hannah reaches out to the kids in the audience and shows them how much fun and how special music can be, the places it can take them and the long-term benefits it can bring.

Adults in the audience will see how important it is that they continue to support programs in the local schools and communities and make sure that there will always be music programs for their children to participate in. So many programs are being eliminated due to lack of funding, yet the positive effects music has on students - not only from an academic standpoint but from a social standpoint, as well 0 has been proven time and time again.

The show runs about an hour as a concert presentation and a little more than an hour in clinic format.

The clinic will be taking place at the Mellwood Mom's music location at 1900 Mellwood Avenue Louisville Ky 40206, in ye ol' Tumbleweed building right next door to the Mellwood Arts center!

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