Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh Snap! Mom's 28th Anniversary Celebration!

Gosh, 28 years already?!?! The week of November 16th (Monday through Saturday) we'll be having a Customer Appreciation celebration at both of our locations! Also, in other big news, we're advertising in the L.E.O these days, these has been a long time coming and due to James Hewitt and his neverending polite persistence we'll have our first full page ad in the best free culture rag in town! This is a development I'm super excited about as I've been picking up the L.E.O ever since I was a young pup religiously visiting Ear-X-Tacy on the weekends to spend my saved up lunch money on 7"s!

There is a lot going on next week, one thing in particular that I think those of you reading this blog should take advantage of is that several of our instructors are going to be offering FREE 20 minute TRIAL LESSONS through out the week. You'll need to call me to get scheduled but if you've been holding off on finding the perfect teacher to help you jump start where you're playing has plateaued... this is the perfect opportunity to check out some teachers without making a commitment until you find the perfect fit!

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