Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Teacher Profile: Richard Matteson

Richard Matteson has been teaching with us at the Louisville Mom's location for a good stretch of time now and every time I'm reminded of his accomplishments I kick myself for not having done a teacher profile on him yet!

There are so many cool things about Richard that you wouldn't begin to assume based on his incredibly modest personality... where to start? I mean, the guy has recorded cds, headed up guitar societies, taught at the university level, written books that have been published by Mel Bay, he's taught private students, played in bands, led church groups, he's done just about everything short of a Black Sabbath tribute band, but we've got another teacher here who has done that!

The basics about Richard are that he can teach just about anything, song writing, vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, beginning fiddle, mandolin, bass, and the majority of every instrument involved in bluegrass! He can also teach you to read music!

Basics aside Richard has written or has had a part in writing at least 10 books that have been published by Mel Bay including...

Right-Handed Arpeggio Forms For Acoustic Guitar
Scales And Modes for Guitar
Bluegrass Pickers Tune Book (213 songs!)

For you sticklers for higher education Richard taught at Winston-Salem State and worked at Salem College teaching with their guitar programs.


Matteson has recorded 4 CD's of fingerstyle arrangements for solo guitar for Mel Bay Publications. He also has solo guitar recordings of three ragtime (Scott Joplin) tunes. In 1996 Matteson performed his ragtime piece, Tar-Heel Rag at half-time of the UNC basketball game in Smith Center before 14,000 fans. A solo recording of the Tar-Heel Rag is also available.

He has several other ensemble recordings available besides the 2 CD's with Bluegrass Messengers. A recording is available of Matteson's original works for guitar and string quartet was done at Salem College at a concert in the Piedmont Classic Guitar Society Fall series. A recording of Matteson's 1992 performance of three pieces for guitar, harmonica, and cello at the Chet Atkins concert in Reynolds Auditorium is available." (from the Bluegrass Messengers site)

What can this guy NOT do? Oh yeah I forgot something, he's also an accomphished painter!

He is available for lessons every day except for Sunday! He can even accomodate lunch break lessons for adults!

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